Don't worry about your originality. You couldn't get rid of it if you wanted to. It will stick with you and show up for better or worse in spite of all you or anyone else can do.


Hello, my name is John Pasdach.

Sometimes while painting, I step back and say, "Wow! What's up? What brought this on?"


Risk and Creativity

Although much of John's recent work is comprised of oil on canvas, he has experimented with many different formats and media types over the years. Both curiosity and willingness to take risks drive John's creativity. John says, "I always like to choose something I haven't tried yet." John admits that he likes the danger or risk involved in creating his pieces. Living a creative life requires him to let go of his fear of being wrong. John compares painting to a wilderness trek, and he points out that the journey doesn't really begin until he's deep into the forest. "It's an adventure for me," John says. Although he may encounter new or difficult terrain, he must move forward. It's the risk John can't afford not to take.

Experimenting with Faith

"So much of the work is creative play, with a bit of compulsion," John says. Always interested in choosing something he hasn't yet tried, it's not surprising that John's work encompasses everything from sketching, stippling, and cartooning to photography, sculpture, and airbrushing a portrait on a bed sheet. When asked to talk about how he creates his art, John says, "A lot of it is faith. I trust the small voice that says 'I'll try this and maybe it will work.'"

Lured by Music

John's creativity is not limited to his visual artwork. He is a self-taught guitarist and enjoys songwriting. His passion for music is as prominent as his desire to paint. Both provide outlets for John to share his perspective of the world with those around him. Music has always played an important role in John's life. Whether he was jamming to classic rock while painting a barn on the family farm where he grew up, quickly sketching a musician while watching an episode of Behind the Music, or listening to Tori Amos while working in his studio at 3:30 am, one thing is clear - art and music are inseparable. When asked about the connection between music and his art, John says, "Playing my own music is like another brain for me, but listening to music plays a big part. Like a soundtrack, it's as crucial as the light I work by. It's like a serenade that helps lure out the magic I need to do anything at all." Music creates an inspiring atmosphere for John, and setting the right mood is a key element for him. Those who know John well say that a screenplay depicting his life would be less revealing than the songs John would select for the soundtrack.